Environmental Work

Starting from a small clay model I work various ideas in the computer. The process of the sculpture supports the concept with the material and method as a part of the final piece.




The concept of emergence was the iconic symbol I wanted. There were some supporting themes represented by everyday symbols such as the key and the eternal. The spiral has been a theme I have used in my sculpture over the years, this seemed to be a good place to use it. This time in the context of growth and awareness. The scientific DNA reference is evident and supportive of the concepts represented . The permanent material as in the granite, formed by volcanic fusion of quarts and feldspar.

detail of sculpture top bushhammer

Proposed concept

St Cloud, Colonial Gardens, Minnesota Installation

Hiawatha Light Rail Project, Minneapolis, Minnesota Granite Columns at both ends of the station

Idea for "Growth Column" Granite with proposed water feature.

click for animatic - Here for larger file: 23mgs